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"Hi, I'm Justin J. West and I've written thousands of articles, posts, ads, sales pages, and emails that have generated millions of dollars, views, and leads. I adapt to any style and voice, and you can rest assured that however you prefer your Oxford comma, that's what you'll get with me. I've built systems over the years that help me deliver only top-quality, error-free work in massive volume. Let's work together!"

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Past Work


I produced over 1,000 "Top 20" and "Top 10" listicles. I not only wrote a massive amount of work--I also hired, trained, and managed a team of 8-12 freelance writers to produce at high volume when needed. I produced over 100,000 words per week at times to help Expertise meet production demand and scale! Many of the writers I hired have thanked me for my thorough training program, which made them better and more focused writers.


This is a business I started to help content producers. Here are some guides I've written.


I created articles, high-converting email funnels lead magnets, and sales pages for Teachers.Tech to help build their email list and sell an online course.

The Keto King

I created a complete lead capture system and sales funnel, along with a ghostwritten ebook to help this YouTuber make money from his audience. We're selling around 100 ebooks per month on autopilot with plans to create more products and increase revenue.


I completed a quality summary of the best selling book "The 1-Page Marketing Plan" for the author, Allan Dib. He will use this summary as a lead magnet to grow his coaching business.



Justin is the best writer I've worked with. His work was top-notch and always turned in before deadlines. He turned out more than three times as much work as our next best writer!


Hana Kim

Content Team Lead, Expertise.com


Justin really has a knack for copywriting, marketing, and creating products. I'm really glad we connected when we did. Now, I have a real business! The emails and sales funnels he created for me created a 3x ROI within the first month, and I'll be earning passive income from his work for the foreseeable future. Awesome!


Jamie Keet

Founder & Content Creator, Teachers.Tech


Justin's role in producing the majority of our content was key in driving all of our lead generation efforts.


Kyle Johnson

Co-Founder & GM, Expertise.com


Justin is a great writer and a great guy. It's been great to work with him, and I'm hoping to do more in the future. 


Allan Dib

Founder, Successwise


Justin's nickname in our office was Super Important Mofo... His work was so important for us! He's a smart guy and a hard worker. I recommend you work with him if you have the chance.


Dale Akins

President, The Market Edge


I'm happy that Justin and I can work together to create and grow my business. I'm seeing opportunities now I hadn't before, and I'm so excited about the future of my channel!


Lyle Perry

YouTube Partner, The Keto King


Justin is a bright young man who get's the job done well. He exceeded all expectations and rose to the top of our national sales force within his first year. Highly recommended for any role.


John Murray

Regional Manager, Hunter Engineering


Justin was a lifesaver! The system he set up for my business is still running strong now 8 years later, and it saves me more than $10,000 per year. Thanks man!


John Lyle

President, Lyle Properties


With Justin's marketing advice and copywriting expertise, we're looking at our business in a whole new way. We're so excited for the new possibilities now that we have an inbound marketing infrastructure in place!


Tom & Katie Phibbs

Owners, Lettuce Do Good

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